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Healthcare Professionals and Social Media

Healthcare Professionals and Social Media

We live in a day and age where every little detail of our lives is posted on social media, but where is the line drawn? As healthcare professionals, many of us share our day-to-day lives and our experiences in healthcare. Sharing our experience with other nurses and future nurses for me has become therapeutic to encourage and inspire, especially since the pandemic. It's hard to stay creative to get people engaged in showing your day-to-day life as a nurse, but it shouldn’t be done at the workplace.

In the last few months, we've witnessed many situations where healthcare professionals have been terminated from their job because of posting at work. For instance, the "ICK" challenge and now the "SLUT me out" challenge. An employer has every right to terminate any employee who violates their social media policy. Most healthcare organizations have strict social media policies and healthcare professionals must take this seriously.

Being a content creator, I don't post at work because I respect the rules of the social media policy. I don't want the company I'm working for to think I'm making videos on their property, on their time, let alone using their supplies for one of my videos. I make sure to put a disclaimer under my videos stating the items used during this video were purchased from Amazon, and guess what?! I have the receipt to prove it! I will continue to use my green screen in the comfort of my home. The authenticity of me trying to get my point across in my videos will not require me to do so while clocked in at my job. Always remember it is not wise to make a social media post for likes, followers, and shock value. It's not worth losing your job and ruining your reputation as a healthcare professional.

So, do yourself a favor and don't post at work!

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